It is not a secret that the delivery of compound loads is the most complex way to organizing an international transportation. The cargo needs to be taken from all the shippers on time, delivered to the consolidation warehouse, compounded and loaded into the groupage truck and delivered to Russia with minimum time and money costs  and ensuring all shipping and customs paperwork is done as required at all stages of the process.

Our company has many years of experience in groupage cargoes` deliveries, well-established relations with international shipping companies, as well as consolidation warehouses in Europe. It will be no trouble for us to pick up a cargo from anywhere in the world and deliver it by any kind of transport, based on your wishes regarding the timing and cost of delivery. Traditionally, the point of destination of our international shipments is Moscow, but, if necessary, the cargo can be delivered to any corner of Russia.

Thus, the process of transportation of your groupage cargo becomes easy and enjoyable experience for all parties of foreign trade transactions.